Welcme to my crime novel book review website. My name is Richard Demma, and I’m an aspiring crime and mystery writer currently living in Prague, in the Czech Republic. i started this blog in 2014 when I was reviewing for Book Club Reading List, which sadly is no more.

After a three year hiatus, I’ve returned to book reviewing – of the fiction genre I love most, crime, mystery, espionage, thrillers. (I prefer drama as an art form, however, having been a drama director for over forty years!)

Since I’m working on a crime novel of my own, an espionage thriller set in Prague, (chapters of which i will eventually post here), my choice of review books reflects my own interests and needs – somewhere between espionage and religious, philosophical fiction. However, I do have a soft spot for the cozy, first perfected by the great Agatha Christie and continued by the likes of distinguished British mystery writer, Geraldine Evans.

Unfortunately, because of my very busy schedule – and long list of ‘must-read’ crime novels that form part of my research – I’m unable to respond to book review requests.

I do try to keep up with current trends and occasionally review one of the mega-blockbusters. But in my judgement, only rarely do these ‘big books’ (with Hollywood film adaptations) deserve the hype.

So I prefer to review the small, unnoticed books of rare quality, the books that will rarely be made into million dollar contract feature films, the books that have been overlooked by the bestseller lists, but deserve much attention. I’m always delighted when I make such a find.

Welcome to my book review blog and comments are always warmly appreciated.

Book cover of Simon Mawer’s The Girl Who Fell From the Sky)