Since we’re in the realm of crime fiction at this site, and we’re being subjected to a spectacular piece of political theatre all across Europe over the Skripal poisoning case at the moment,  let’s take a look at the BBC’s rather trashy TV spy series, Strike Back: Retribution. Here’s a short clip from Episode 4, which aired in the UK on November 17th, 2017 and on February 23rd, 2018 in the US, and involves an evil Russian scientist using a hitherto unknown nerve agent called Novochok to assassinate his colleagues.  The series is based on JK Rowling’s Detective series (written under the penname Robert Galbraith).

Here’s the official blurb

The rest of the team track McAllister and Zaryn to a training camp in the countryside. They save McAllister from being hanged and collect Zaryn. When their transport breaks down after eluding the first wave of enemies, Josef jams all communication. Believing her brother to be increasingly unstable, Rosa wishes to tell Section 20 everything she knows about Lowry in exchange for her safety. Meanwhile, General Lázsló shuts down Section 20, forcing Donovan to work in secret. She discovers that Zaryn is in fact Karim Markov, a Russian scientist who allegedly killed his colleagues with Novichok, a nerve agent they invented. The rest of the team arrive at a building to deactivate the signal jammers and alert Donovan, who drives with Jensen to pick them up while the rest engage Magyar Ultra. In the process, Josef and Rosa are killed. After they escape, Donovan is forced to hand Markov over to General Lázsló under Whitehall’s orders. However soon after, Lowry ambushes and kills the Hungarian soldiers before kidnapping Markov.

For those readers interested in fact based journalism on the Skripal case, instead of crime fiction, here’s former UK Mabassador Craig Murray’s detailed snslysis at his


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